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In the type of fruitage on sub-branches on walnut, the terminal and lower-terminal buds of the one-year branches between the two-year or more older branches are spread along the branch. The varieties which give fruits on the sub-branches fructify early and their yielding potential is very high.

These varieties are seen in Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, China and Iran. In addition, there walnuts, which yield fruit in that way are present in the South of Turkey, İsrael, Greece, Sicilia and Chili and Spain. The important walnut representing the fruitage on sub-branches is Payne. Payne, is a variety that is used as paternal variety in controlled cross-breeding.

walnut nursery caner

Caner Nursery is among the first walnut saplings growing company in the region since 1990, working in the awareness of the responsibility of the service given by the principle of customer satisfaction. Caner Nursery is managed by Necati ÇIPA; It provides sale and after-sale (planting and maintenance) services of all walnut seedlings, especially chandler produced by Bandirma's Sahil Yenice Village. Details